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MMSU braces for AY 2018-19: Conducts Faculty Training on the New GE Courses

       A group of 132 faculty members attended the Faculty Training on the New General Education Courses at the Information Technology Center - Main Library, Mariano Marcos State University, City of Batac, Ilocos Norte.  Conducted in two batches, the training oriented the participants on the nine new General Education (GE) core courses which will be taught to the Grade 12 pioneer graduates of the K-12 curriculum for the first semester, AY 2018-19.       

           As per the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 20, series of 2013, the new general education curriculum (GEC) provides for 12 courses, of which eight are core courses and one mandated, collectively referred as nine GE core courses. The GEC core courses are interdisciplinary and accommodate a range of disciplinal perspective and approaches.  The goal is the holistic development of a person who possesses intellectual, personal and civic competencies and practical responsibilities.  The CMO sets the goals, outcomes, and competencies, and the minimum standards for the GE component of all degree programs that applies to all higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country.  Likewise, it also includes capacity building for start-up and for continuing sustainability program.

        The first batch of training held on July 17-21, 2017 included four GE courses.  These were on Art Appreciation, The Contemporary World, Mathematics in the Modern World, and Readings in Philippine History. The other five GE courses were tackled in the second batch conducted on July 24-28, 2017. The subjects were Purposive Communication; Science, Technology and Society; Understanding the Self; Ethics and Life and Works of Rizal. 

          The College of Arts and Sciences faculty members who were awarded the certificate of completion in the 18-day CHED Trainors’ Training on the New General Education Courses last October, 2016 and January, 2017 served as resource speakers.  The accredited trainers were professors James M. Bandayrel and Editha B. Valdez (Art Appreciation);  Rommel M. Dascil  and Lorma G. Quibilan (The Contemporary World); Ciriaco T. Ragual, Liliwa A. Olalo and Dinah C. Vidad (Mathematics in the Modern World); Mee Jay A. Domingo, Alma A. Sierra and Nelie S. Salvador (Purposive Communication); Ma. Tereza A. Blanco, Rhoda T. Garcia, Napoleon M. Cacanindin, and Karina L. Damo (Science, Technology and Society); Jerry C. Buenavista and Bella G. Ramos (Readings in Philippine History); Leslie Kay S. Rivera (Life and Works of Rizal); Fides Bernando A. Bitanga and Rex-belli L. Alejandro (Ethics); and Marlyn S. Cacatian and Elizabeth Marfel F. Gagni (Understanding the Self).

           In collaboration with the Extension Directorate, the training involved CAS, College of Teacher Education, College of Industrial Technology, College of Aquatic Sciences and Applied Technology faculty.  The training was also attended by faculty from the private HEIs of the province which include the Northwestern University, Northern Christian College, and the Divine Word College of Laoag.   Through the training, the participants learned the new GE courses from which they will be able to develop teaching/instructional materials and teach them by AY 2018-19.  Moreover, the training provided a venue through which the participants were able to identify and share their practices/strategies in teaching the new GE courses (Marivic M. Alimbuyuguen).

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