MMSU Glut-1 and IPB-Lagkitan, On for Dispersal!

Written by Administrator on 04 December 2017

The Seedstock Dispersal Project continues to disperse crop seeds to interested farmers in the province. Now expanding to accommodate more crops such as ginger and sugarcane, the project has started dispersing corn seed for the planting season.

A collaboration between the Extension and Research Directorates, the project continues to train farmers from the different municipalities of the province. Last November 23, 14 farmers of the Bato-Bengkag Farmer’s Association of Vintar, Ilocos Norte attended the pre-dispersal training on corn production. Dr. Sosima Demandante, the Chief of the Techno-Demonstration, Piloting, and Commercialization Section of Extension, served as the trainer of the dispersal, sharing the knowledge on the use of Bio-N as seed inoculant, organic and inorganic fertilizer, the use of earwigs for pest control, and the overall management of their crops.

The SDP program aims to improve the agricultural productivity and farm income of farmer-beneficiaries through sustained supply and use of improved seed stocks.   Through its continuing implementation, the project continues to provide interest-free farm inputs packaged with the recommended technology to farmers in Ilocos Norte.

The SDP is one of the mechanisms of the Directorate to disseminate mature technologies through the provision of training, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials, and farm-inputs needed covering rice, corn and livestock.   

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