MMSU @ 40: Together We Achieve Stakeholder’s Forum

Written by Administrator on 09 February 2018

The recently concluded 2018 Stakeholder’s Forum of the Mariano Marcos State University marked another success to convene its various shareholders in the University Function Hall last January 19, 2018 in part of its 40th foundation anniversary themed ‘MMSU @ 40: Together We Achieve’.

The forum was a convergence of the different stakeholders of the University to include National Government Agencies, Local Government Units, industry-partners, entrepreneurs, farmers, and partner-beneficiaries of the University, the immediate MMSU community, MMSU faculty and students, research and extension workers, among others. The gathering is an avenue of creating an active and open communication between the University and the community and stakeholders it serves in its continuing goal of inclusive growth and sustainable development. With this communication strategy, MMSU fortifies its delivery of services and continuing commitment to the public in instruction, research, extension, and production.  

            Dr. Shirley C. Agrupis, the 7th President of MMSU, presented the seven-point agenda of her administration which serves as the compass in achieving the University’s new vision and mission. Coined ACHIEVE, her presentation encompasses her goals and objectives along

- Academic Excellence

- Creative and relevant research programs

- High impact extension and outreach programs

I  - Improved revenue generation and resource management

- External linkages and partnerships

V - Vibrant and nurturing learning environment

- Effective and efficient management system

Insights and the aspirations of stakeholders representing the pillars of the community where MMSU operates were also the highlight of the activity. Invited panel of reactors to the President’s ACHIEVE include Ms. Norma B. Lagmay, the Ilocos Norte Provincial Agriculturist representing the agricultural sector and community extension; Engr. Jeremiah V. Ancheta, the Chief Operating Officer of the Venvi Agro-Industrial Ventures representing the industry; Dr. Joann A. Corpuz, the Schools Division Superintendent of DepEd-Division of Batac representing the academe; and Hon. James Ceasar Ventura, the Commissioner at Large of the National Youth Commission representing the youth.

The 7-point agenda of MMSU was excellently presented and it has the same direction with our strategic plan from 2018 to 2022... I appreciate so much the linkages and partnership and please include us in all your extension and research endeavours. Please consider us as your partner”, Ms. Lagmay said in her message, reiterating OPAg’s commitment to research and extension to solve the plight of farm families in the province.  Updates on studies and programs conducted by the Office were also shared including measures undertaken to help the farmers. The problem on the depleting labour force of the province that solicits the mechanization and modernization of agriculture in the province, the need to encourage farmers to join organization for them to benefit from national and local interventions, state of irrigation and irrigation facilities in the province, the challenge in assisting farmers with capital, and the current dilemma of the mango and garlic industries in Ilocos Norte with pests and diseases and climate change, also bulked her message that truly opened the eyes and ears of the listeners to the challenges and needs of the community. “With MMSU as an excellent research institution, I now urge the President and the whole MMSU kingdom to refocus our research areas to solve the emerging major problems of our major industries and our major crops”, she said.

We need to expose our students and graduates to a more diversified and more technological advancement”, said Engr. Ancheta in his talk in view of the challenges in the industry and in the continuing need for MMSU to sustain itself amidst the realities of the contemporary time. Being an engineer by profession and a proud farmer in action, he also set his ideas on how students can be enticed to venture into Agriculture and be innovative with the needs existing in their respective contexts. As such, he used their company’s tunnel ventilation system as an example to highlight this need among students and entrepreneurs alike while commending the University in its initiatives for E-MMSU and the National Bioenergy Research and Innovation Center.

For her part, Dr. Corpuz expressed her appreciation of the agenda that will surely open a wider more opportunities for inclusive growth and global competitiveness. Realizing the need and challenge to be at part with national And ASEAN counterparts, she assured that DepEd will continue to support the academic programs of the University, knowing it as an institution of quality learning that molds students holistically. “This University never stops in initiating movements towards the attainment of relevant education among Ilocano learners as MMSU sets the baseline standards for quality education, delivery, and access”, she said.

I’m very happy to know that this new administration puts premium to quality planning which is a vital force to what we really deliver”, Hon. Ventura said as he commended the point-to point goals and objectives of the President in forwarding MMSU. The creation of an enabling environment as included in ACHIEVE, he also commended the University for putting prime importance to its students, highlighting pro-active student participation, and engagement in research, extension, and production activities. With respect to national policies affecting the youth, RA 10931 or the Universal Access to Tertiary Education was also touched, challenging MMSU to cater students from all walks of life and be the University for All. Two notes he left as a challenge for the University: on student mobility, on extending research results to the people, on student participation in planning, implementation, and monitoring of impacts, and on the adoption of characteristics of young people by the University. “I hope MMSU can also transition into this way of thinking—putting premium on our consumers (the students) and to really adapt the way we teach to the way our new consumers act and behave right now. That is the challenge, I believe, to the operationalization to this 7-point agenda”, he said.

Partner agencies and Local Government Units affirmed their cooperation and support to MMSU and all its endeavours. As such, PSCA reaffirmed the University’s commitment to help them in every way possible and that together, the University and its community will stride side by side to attain inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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