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MMSU Extension participates in Laoag's Pamulinawen Festival 2018

MMSU Extension Directorate continues to spread awareness on its multifaceted programs and services through its ever-ready Information and Technology Caravan (ITC) set at the Laoag Central School since February 2, 2018 in celebration of Laoag's Pamulinawen Festival.

Participative to the Agri-Industry Trade Fair and Exhibit set in said school, the Extension Directorate, once again, displays promotes the products of its assisted beneficiaries such as the chips and chicha-corn of Lucky Theo’s Food Products from Binacag, Banna, SCUFYND rice coffee in Lagui-Sail, Laoag, Agnes Dragon Fruit wine and dragon cactus soap from Currimao, Refmad dragon fruit wine and dragon fruit coffee in Burgos, Adams bugnay wine, and Saud Shellcraft Association’s shellcraft. Sukang Iloco of MMSU’s sugarcane incubation project is also displayed and sold at affordable price. Different species of bamboo, the yellow bamboo and the Buddha berry to name some, grown in the University nursery are also displayed and sold in the Booth along with the herbal plants such as lemon grass, basil, native bill, pandan, balbas pusa, kutsay, welsch inion, and gynura. IEC materials on crop production and processing were also disseminated in the booth.

Trade fair and exhibit participation is a continuing strategy of the Extension Directorate to reach a wider audience and spread awareness on the different programs and services of the University. A display of research results and innovation applied in Agriculture and entrepreneurship, the ITC is a strategic way of bringing MMSU and developmental information and technologies (IT) to all the towns and people in the province that aims to showcase MMSU Programs and promote information and technological breakthroughs developed and fine-tuned by or in the University. This approach is a strategy of the Unit to reach a wider audience, promote technologies, and help in the promotion and commercialization of the products of its beneficiaries.

Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials, featuring information and technology for rural and agricultural development, is also a continuing strategy to increase access to information, technology, and production services, elevate the level of awareness to news and information on production and development, and enhance the transfer, dissemination, and adoption of information and technologies.

An activity to be completed on February 15, the MMSU Booth is situated near the entrance of the Trade Fair area highlighted in green and gold, adorned with its bamboos and products, and draped with the Universities vision and mission and the seven-point agenda of the President.

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