Applied Communication (APCO)

Takes charge of the research outputs’ packaging and dissemination through multi-media. Among its mechanisms are:

  • Information and Technology Caravan (ITC). The ITC is a strategic way of bringing MMSU and developmental information and technologies (IT) to all towns and people through the establishment of a mobile and multi-function booth. It is a comprehensive and integrated strategy of facilitating the transfer and utilization of developmental information and technologies.
  • Radio Program "MMSU-Rimat ti Ilocandia". It is a mechanism to disseminate new information and technologies developed by MMSU including the testimonies/experiences of adopters by way of the radio to increase the utilization of these technologies.
  • Production of IEC Materials. The project involves the continues publication of recent technologies and information developed and fined tuned by the university for adoption by the intended clientele. It primarily features information & technology for rural and agricultural development.
  • Extension Newsletter/Press Releases. Significant activities are documented and published in various media formats to let the intended clientele kept abreast of the various activities of the Extension Directorate. Most importantly, success stories are documented to serve as an inspiration for other individuals interested to venture in the same activity. The project documents and publishes outstanding performances of extension-clients who can serve as models for others to emulate and for them also to improve their lives.