College Extension Programs/Projects

The following are extension programs/projects implemented by the colleges to transfer information and technologies generated in the colleges:

  • Skills and Livelihood Trainings. The trainings aim to develop/enhance the skills of the participants on the various livelihood opportunities which they can use to earn a living. The trainings included: food processing, garments and accessory production; vehicle maintenance; and desktop publishing software.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Program. The CBR project aims for community folks to acquire a high level of knowledge regarding disability, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and related issues; raise their level of awareness about rehabilitation and disability issues; understand the concepts of the CBR program; and appreciate the importance of rehabilitation and physical therapy in health promotion and consciousness.
  • “Pagrang-ayen ni Mangngalap.” The program is implemented to help partner-clients improve the level of living of the fishing households through effective and efficient extension activities for sustainable development. It aims to engage in technology transfer for the sustainable development of fishery and aquatic resources; enhance public awareness about the importance of conserving the fishery and aquatic resources; and provide and disseminate sound information and technology for sustainable aquatic development.
  • Business Resource and Development Center (BRDC). The BRDC provides the needed financial support assistance by the trainees in establishing entrepreneurial ventures. As a result, improvement of rural productivity and increased rural household incomes through the entrepreneurial ventures had been attained. The BRDC inculcates in the minds of the recipients the virtue of entrepreneurship, industry, self-reliance, thrift and risk-taking among rural households.
  • Pasilaw Assistance Program. The Pasilaw Assistance Program is implemented to benefit indigent families in Batac City, Ilocos Norte by providing them free assistance in the preparation & securing of electrical plan/permit; free electrical wiring & installations of electrical fixtures; and free supervision & consultation services of the above mentioned electrical works.
  • Coastal Resource Management. The project aims to increase awareness of beneficiaries on the present state of their marine ecosystem and help in the coastal clean-up, rehabilitation, and preservation. This involves shoreline collection of non-biodegradable garbage including supervised underwater garbage collection.
  • Continuing Education and Training. This is designed to enhance and broaden clienteles’ knowledge and skills geared towards quality education. This consists of trainings, seminars, workshops, lectures, whether in or out school.
  • Organic Vegetable Production Project. The project aims to showcase the latest technology on organic vegetable production through the establishment of a model garden.
  • Project C-4. The project orient graduating students about carreer opprotunities in the IT-BPO industry. It also maintains a pool of trainers for the would be applicants to the BPO industry. This is a collaborative project with the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte.
  • Project F1. The project provide capability building assistance to schools on information technology. Services provided include Powerpoint training, Loan-A-PC, Deminstration and utilization of computerized election program, and program development.
  • The project assist the LGUs in the coastal areas in their clean and green program through collecting underwater garbage and cleaning and improving the reef conditions in their areas.Coastal Clean-up and Scubasurero.
  • Saguip Quiaoat River. This provides technical assistance in the rehabilitation, restoration of the Quiaoit River including its water ways and watershed. The project is conducted in collaboration with the Local Government Unit of the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte.
  • Ensuring Healthy Lifestyle. This is an advocacy project that aims to increase awareness on the management and prevention of incidences of various diseases among high risk groups.