Training and Continuing Education

Develops training designs for the different subject areas of concerns in extension. Together with the colleges, concerned units, and special projects of the University, it develops continuing training and non-formal education program to be adopted by the University. The TCE has the following mechanisms in the transfer of technology.

  • Field Days/Cross Farm Visits. These are conducted to promote the dissemination and adoption of new and innovative development projects;
  • Capability Building and Skills Trainings. These activities are conducted to enhance the knowledge and develop skills of clients on various technologies for them to generate additional sources of income for their families;
  • Pre-dispersal Trainings. To develop in the beneficiaries the needed skills in managing the dispersal projects which they will avail from the University;
  • Guided Tours. To promote the development projects of the university to visitors and guests through touring them to MMSU projects of their interest.