College of Health Sciences (CHS)

The various departments of the college provided health-related services all over the province. 

Department of Nursing 


Training on Vital Signs and First Aid

To equip and strengthen barangay health workers capabilities in providing health services to their community members, the college conducted trainings on Vital Signs Taking and First Aid. 

            The training was conducted as part of the College Extension Program dubbed as Dur-as ken Salun-at ti Barangay.  The activity was implemented in Brgy. Madamba, Dingras, Ilocos Norte.  Among the topics discussed and demonstrated for the vital signs taking include temperature, respiration, pulse, heart rate and blood pressure taking.  For the training on first aid, first aid roles and values of first aider, general roles in rendering first aid, animal bites, and sudden illnesses to include fainting seizure, heart attack, stroke, and electric shock were discussed.  In addition, the lecture focused on poisoning, signs and symptoms of poisoning and first aid.  Soft tissue injuries which focused on nose bleed, wounds, fracture, and bandaging of head and arm injuries were also discussed.

Mental Health Education and Stress Management 

The activity aimed to increase the awareness of the 400 Senior Students of the 8 High Schools in Batac City on stress, its possible causes and manifestations, help them develop appropriate coping skills in managing daily stressors, and demonstrate a positive attitude towards various life situations. The extensionists included the clinical instructors of the college and the BSN enrolled in RLE 105 consisting of 8 groups designated to the different high schools in the city.