College of Industrial Technology (CIT)

The college spearheaded the conduct of various livelihood trainings not only in Ilocos Norte but also in Ilocos Sur.    Activities conducted this year are focused into enhancing the knowledge and skills of various stakeholders.  In addition, CIT also provided expert services on various processing technologies serving as demonstrators and lecturers in various locations in the Region.

Computer Literacy Training

            The training aimed to empower pre-school and elementary teachers on their computer skills like MS Word Operation, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop and Design.  The training benefitted 18 teachers

Utilization of  Indigenous food materials and marketing strategies

To equip parents and teachers with the knowledge and skills in processing indigenous food materials into nutritious snacks, a  skills training on the utilization of indigenous food materials into nutritious snacks with proper packaging and labelling was conducted by the college benefitting 36 parents and DepEd teachers in Ilocos Norte.   Some of the trainees started to venture into food processing using indigenous food materials. 

Menu  planning 

To help parents create nutritionally-balanced meal plan for the family, the college conducted a training on menu planning attended by 36 parents and DepEd teachers. With the training, the parents were given the necessary skills on the planning and preparation of nutritious food for the family.