College of Teacher Education (CTE)

This year, the College conducted series of Learning Service Programs in various locations in the province catering to 252 pupils from Grade V and Grade VI including their teachers in Vintar, Dingras, Sarrat, and the City of Batac.  Among the activities conducted are film viewing and lecture-discussion on Restoring the Past through the Revival of Indigenous Games, Healthy Lifestyle, Anti-bullying Campaign, and Good Study Habits.  The activity aimed to develop the students’ capabilities in serving their community.

Symposium on Reforestation cum Tree Planting

The symposium and tree planting activity is a joint activity of the College of Teacher Education, College of Agriculture, Food, and Sustainable Development (CAFSD), and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in contribution to the National Greening Program (NGP) of the government. The initiative aimed to provide relevant information about planting trees and management of narra to the community folks and barangay officials of Brgy. Visaya, Vintar, Ilocos Norte, as well as increasing environmental awareness and sense of protection among them, promote participation in any environmental endeavours, help in the preservation of the national tree, and in converting idle lands into more productive and aesthetically appealing areas. Students from the college also participated in the activity to raise their awareness and knowledge on the needs of the environment within the locality.

Developing the Multiliterate Teacher of the 21st Century: 

A Teaching Competency Enhancement Seminar Workshop (TCESW) 

for MMSU Faculty 

To equip newly hired faculty with the skills and insights and inducting them to the challenges and charms of tertiary level teaching, a 3-day activity was conducted by CTE.  The activity was participated by 23 new faculty members from the different colleges of the University.  Among the topics discussed include the Role of Government Employees as Advocates of Public Accountability, Policies and Guidelines Affecting Faculty Retention and Promotion, the Grading System and Policies in Giving and Submitting Grades, Faculty Rights and Privileges on the first day. The second day inculcated to the participants the Multi-faceted Roles of a Teacher, pedagogy and OBE Syllabus Making, and the Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century. The last day highlighted Authentic Assessment, the Art of Questioning, Gender and Human Rights in School, Resource Waste Management, and Inclusive and Multi-Cultural Education.   With the comprehensive  topics shared to the participants, they are envisioned to be agents of quality education in the university.