Women starts new livelihood in LGUs

Written by Administrator on 27 July 2021

Food processors of the Balik-Probinsiya project have started marketing their processed food products upon receipt of the second batch of supplies and materials and their food carts at the MMSU Research, Extension, and Development (RDE) Building this July 2021.

From their initial supply distributed during the Technology Briefing last June 22, these women food processors have now started becoming entrepreneurs in their communities, attracting locals in the trademark taste of their siomai, embutido, longganisa, shanghai, and other meat-based and fish-based food products.

Ms. Cherry Ann Saludez of Currimao shared that she immediately tried making the products taught to them by Ms. Judelyn Mandac of CIT and Ms. Carmencita Saladino of CASAT last June. She started with siomai and embutido where she is able to earn some Php 250 for every kilogram of siomai and Php 300 for every kilogram of embutido. She has also gained some loyal customers with her pleasing personality and quality products, channeling orders via Messenger. A customer has also fondly shared positive comments on her order that even reached Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. Seeing the growth of her venture, she realized that this livelihood could be even better than living away from home while earning the same.

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Ms. Jovita Curammeng of Adams, a repatriate from Hongkong, also started marketing her products in their community. She has found new ways to augment the needs of her family through food processing aside from hog raising. In addition to the meat-based and fish-based products such as longganisa, embutido, fishball, meatball, and other products she learned from MMSU, she also prepares siopao, dumplings, porkchop with rice, and chicken rice she learned during her stay in Hongkong, including other local delicacies.

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Ms. Rosalyn Salacan of Brgy. Daquioag, Marcos, also found addition to her existing products. Meat and fish-based products such as embutido, meat balls, kikiam, skinless longganisa, and smoked fish are now a hit in their community along with her bread, doughnut, banana cupcake, and carrot cupcake. She alternates her products so her customers could have a variety to choose from. She prepares them every day and accommodates orders around their community or when they find time to visit their home.

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Ms. Alfreda Calaranan of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, a public servant from Apayao who chose to stay in the province for good, also found opportunity from the new taste she introduces in her community. Though she does not have sufficient experience in food processing, she indulged herself to learn and grow anew. After the training with the University, she tried to process embutido. And with persistence, was able to craft the taste that is her own. With the lockdowns frequent in nearby areas, she found opportunity in selling them to add to their frequent meals. As a new taste, friends and neighbors flocked in orders. She also tried preparing for deliveries of puto, siomai, and shanghai especially during the graduation season and other family celebrations. A timely opportunity from an opportune learning time. 

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Ms Sharon Flores of Badoc, Ilocos Norte, a repatriate from Saudi Arabia, now enjoys processing embutido and longganisa. She processes three days in a week with her sister-in-law where they are able to process three to four kilograms of meat. She has crafted her own taste from the recipe they were taught during the training, and are now attracting their friends, neighbors, and relatives into trying their new embutido and longganisa.

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Ms. Catherine Manuel of Brgy. Lacuben, Badoc, a returning resident from Manila, is a Food Technology graduate of MMSU. With knowledge and experience in food processing, she embraced learning and exploring with a new taste to introduce in their community. She is now processing siomai, embutido, longganisa, and lumpiang shanghai with meat and fish. According to her, she now enjoys preparing and processing them because they can sell all the products they prepare.

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From the initial learning they have gained during the training, these food processors have refined their recipes to create a taste unique to their own. The food processors received additional supplies last July 9, 16, and July 30 to complete their livelihood package.

Other IEC materials on food processing, food safety, fruit processing, and other reading materials interesting to them were also shared through the in-house Information and Technology Caravan of the Directorate.

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