Fortifying the Skills of Lifelong Learners: Fortifying Service to the Public

Written by Administrator on 12 February 2018

In celebration of the continuing service of the University to different service areas, the Extension Directorate spearheads another skills demonstration activity last January 24 at the COL grounds as part of its aim to fortify its partnership to the community it serves.

A total of 273 families from the Local Government Units of Dingras, Paoay, and Currimao, and the City Government Units of Batac and Laoag benefitted with knowledge and goods from the one-day activity. Known to be struggling families, the beneficiaries were selected by their respective LGUs and accompanied by their Social Welfare and Development Officers.

“You play a very important role in forwarding Mariano Marcos State University as a hub of change and transformation: a catalyst of change”, said President Shirley C. Agrupis in her acknowledgement of the roles of the stakeholders in finding and fortifying MMSU as a hub of transformation in the Ilocandia where it operates. “You are one of the reasons of the existence of Mariano Marcos State University”, she added.

With her 7-point agenda anchored in pursuit of inclusive and sustainable growth, she encouraged the beneficiaries to stride with the University toward achieving ACHIEVE as the ultimate measure of the success of a university is the progress, the quality of life of the community where it works.

Skills Demonstration : Pannakapatalged ti Panagsursuro

We are lifelong learners… We need to fortify our skills in order to survive this dynamic world… Lifelong learning is about meeting the needs of a context and diverse environment in order to meet the challenges of this world and the global context. Ket addatayo amin dito tapno agsursurotayo amin kadagitoy nga skills”, said Dr. Aris Reynold Cajigal, the Director for Extension, in his opening remarks.

Different income-generation ventures such as slip casting demonstrated by Prof. Orlando Rosales of the College of Industrial Technology, cornick processing and banana chips making by Ms. Suerte Mia Soriano, an assisted entrepreneur of MMSU from Banna, Ilocos Norte, and interior landscaping by Prof. Geovanie Stanley Malab of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Sustainable Development, bulked the day’s activities. Tips and working strategies were also given by the demonstrators while encouraging the participants to start a business with the skills and knowledge they have gained from them.

 “After the skills demonstration, sapay koma ta adda agsubli kaniayo ditoy Extension Directorate and ask for more. And each of the municipalities will establish, either individual or group, an entrepreneur a subaybayan ti Extension Program that will be part of our goal for the One Town: One Project”, said PSCA, to further encourage them and establish a more meaningful and impactful partnership.

Gift-giving : Managiburay a Puso 

             A simple gift-giving to almost 300 families who attended the training was also set as an avenue for the University to share its blessings for the last 40 years of sincere service to the people. The gifts given were from the different colleges and units of the University to address their immediate and daily needs as a family.

“The content of our hearts is flaming with energy, love, and passion as we fortify Mariano Marcos State University… To us, the symbolism of this simple gift                                                                                                        is a showcase of our love to everybody”, said PSCA in her inspirational message.

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